Bad Hair Day (feat. Madison Hu)

When you woke up this mornin’ and you saw your hair was fried
You washed it, combed it, curled it, but it still looked like Einstein
You tried to show your head who’s boss
You tried to have your way
But there was voodoo in your hairdo

It’s gonna be a bad hair day
Bad hair day

You warned the kids at school that they should run right out of sight
‘Cause your bad hair was angry and was lookin’ for a fight
It stole a watch, it stole some cash, and this kid’s fish filet
Then you saw the flashin’ sirens

I’m havin’ a bad hair day
Bad hair day, bad hair, bad hair
Pushed a cop down the stairs
They locked your hair away
Hey, do I get a phone call?
It’s been a bad hair day, bad hair day

Your hair got sent to trial but your lawyer didn’t care
The judge made his decision, he said: Send her to the chair
Time to clip those outlaw strands and finally make ’em pay
‘Cause, today, there’s no escaping

A bad hair day, bad hair, bad hair
Change of heart, sayin’ prayers
It might sound quite cliché
But it’s the legend of the bad hair day

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