The Greatest Rap Song of All Time (feat. Madison Hu)

Get ready, fools
‘Cause you’re about to hear the greatest rap song of all time
That’s right, you ain’t never heard rhymes like this before
Yo, you ready, Paige?
Readier than ever, Frankie
Let’s go!

Uh, I’m gettin’ an alert on my phone
My aunt just posted pictures of food
Pancakes, bacon, eggs, pretty standard breakfast
Yeah, she didn’t need to post that
Now back to the rappin’
Listen up, y’all, ’cause we about to make history with this song

Show ’em how it’s done, Frankie
Yo, hey, yo, hey, yo, hey
Oh, my shoe’s untied
Can’t stop the greatest rap song of all time
With shoes that don’t have a snug-up fit as you need

Great fix, you ready?
Yeah, let’s do this thing
Alright, suckas, I got one question for y’all: How’s the air quality?
Does it feel a little bit humid to you?

Alright, good, great, uh, then no more distractions
Phones are off, shoes are tied, air quality’s, pretty good
Yeah, now let’s get everybody on your feet
Let’s get that energy back up
The beat’s about to drop, it’s about to drop!
It’s about to drop! (Here it comes!)
The greatest rap song of all time

Ugh, never mind

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